Silent Wave Acupuncture Clinic

Menger Ping, L.Ac. 

Acupuncture Treatment

 I diagnose symptoms and disease according to patient's physician and lab reports, apply TCM principles and differentiations: observation, listening, smelling, inquiring, palpation, pulses, tongue; including Master Tung’s balancing method, five-element correspondences, thermography, and western physical assessments.

 In clinic practices, the treatment plan for dealing with face lifting was complex because the patients often had more than one chief complaint besides their beauty concern. Some additional concerns were related to menopause, including symptoms such as dry eyes, skin, and/or mouth and hot-flashes. Other patients had seasonal allergies and suffered from dry and itchy eyes and/or a puffy nose. Some senior women often struggled with chronic musculoskeletal pains. 

After regular facial and acupunctural treatments with the herbal application, my patients experienced healing results both internally and externally. 



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