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Menger Ping, L.Ac. 

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Excellence in health improvement by quality care of holistic wellness. 

Featured Cares

Traditional Acupuncture

Provide auricular, hand, face, foot and scalp acupuncture therapy; Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua-Sha, Tui-Na, Electrical stimulation, Acupressure, and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. 

Facial Rejuvenation

Find out modern beauty by methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine: adjust inner systems, harmonize the interaction of organs before touching all of wrinkles and lines. 

Women Health

Overloaded job and/or family duties, common carrying: Neck pain, Stress, Anxiety, PMS, Insomnia, Weight gain, Infertility, Immunity deficiency, and Pre-menopausal symptoms.  

Senior Care

Offer onsite services for senior patients in St. Louis & IL Metropolitan area: chronicle pain management and exercises; long term wellbeing care; nutrition and dietary consultation. 

What my patients are saying

 "...I'm nearly 100% off my anxiety meds and I truly trust that you have helped me do that!" ~ S.H.

" Thank you for being my acupuncture therapist. I cried with you as I released sadness over my caregiving challenges, traumatic memories, and life stresses...You have inspired me to accept the root of my health issues and seek balance and healing. You showed me great kindness and provide exceptional care. You have been a blessing for me.." ~ A.S.

"Lower back pain is like 90% gone, only just a little soreness left; It was interesting how I felt immediately after the the afternoon went on the pain felt like it was lifting right out of my back in a numbing sort of way, by the time I went to bed the pain was gone, I slept for 9 hours straight!!!" ~ N.V. 

I'm a licensed acupuncturist. From past years of training and work experiences, I devote myself, being a valuable TCM practitioner with other healthcare providers and professionals, facilitating healing programs for patients, and utilize my techniques in both western and Chinese medicine. ~Menger Ping, L.Ac.

Membership:  NCCAOM,

                      Acupuncturists without Borders. 

Education: AOMA, MAcOM, Austin, TX.

                      Feng-Chia University, BA, Taiwan.

Practiced & Employment: Modern Acupuncture, MO.

                      Premier Family Physicians, TX.

                      VA, Physical Medicine & Rehab Services, TX.

                      AOMA Community & Women's Health Clinic, TX.

                      Austin Onsite Acupuncture, TX.

                      Authentic Oriental Healthcare Clinic, MO.

Volunteered: Alternative Hospice, MO.

                       Church Organist, MO.

                       Cello Seat: Austin Philharmony Orchestra, TX.

                              Town & Country Symphony Orchestra, MO.